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[00:00] To get started with Fly, you go to and click on get started. The first step here is to install Fly CTL. This is the Fly command line interface that you use on your local machine to configure Fly and do all sorts of things. You'll notice in the documentation for Fly that sometimes it uses Fly CTL, and sometimes it uses simply Fly. That's because they both work.

[00:25] And I always just use Fly. I'm not sure why they have Fly CTL. Just use Fly. But regardless, whatever your machine is, whether it's Mac OS, Linux, or Windows, they have instructions here on how you get things installed. I already have things installed myself and I installed things using Brew because I have Homebrew to manage all sorts of things.

[00:44] But You install it however you see fit. I do recommend Homebrew myself if you're on Mac OS. And then you can move on to the signup. But I want to add also that if you do run into problems in the installation process or anything else with Fly, Fly has a really great community. And if you click on this discourse icon or logo up in the top right, you'll go to where you can create new questions and answer other people's questions and participate in the community.

[01:15] It's a really awesome community, and they're really helpful if you ever run into any issues. So let's move on to the signup where you run fly auth signup. So we'll run that in our terminal and this will open up the signup page where you can type, you know, sign up. You type in your full name, email and password. So I'll say Cody the koala, and that's me plus Cody at Kent C.

[01:39] And I'll type in a password. Probably I recommend a password manager. And then here it's going to ask for a payment method because remember that Fly is a business and they need to pay the bills. However their free tier is actually really good and so even though you enter a credit card number in here you're probably not going to be charged if you're just following this tutorial, so don't worry about that.

[02:04] But you do need to provide a credit card if you want to go through this tutorial with me, and of course if you want to actually deploy and manage an app on their hosting platform. And with that entered in, I'm going to go add card. And with that card added to our account, we're now able to use Fly. So let's go back to our terminal and we see that we successfully logged in and we're ready to rock and roll with Fly. So now let's go to the Fly dashboard.

[02:35] If we go to and we're signed in, now this link at the top says dashboard which will take us to slash dashboard and now it's giving us tips on how to deploy various frameworks and things, but one thing here is it says your email is not confirmed, so we need to verify our email. So you'll just go to your email, click on the link to verify, and you'll be verified. If at any time you need to log out, then you say fly auth logout, and that will log you out of fly and then if you need to log back in again you say fly auth login and that will open up your browser again and if you're logged in as you're in your browser then you can simply click on continue or you can sign in as a different user, or if you're not logged in in your browser, then you just enter your credentials and continue. So I'm going to continue as me plus Cody, and now we're signed in again. And that's how you sign up for Fly.