Welcome to Course Builder

Building a course is a complex process. It requires research, design, production, and delivery to be successful. It's not enough to rush something out and hope for the best. In fact, creating and selling a high-quality course that meets your expectations of "success" while also meeting the expectations of your students is a difficult task.

It requires many iterations of The Process to get right.

  • The Landing Page
  • The Blog
  • Tip Videos
  • Free Tutorials
  • A Podcast
  • A Newsletter
  • A Book
  • Live Workshops
  • Self-Paced Courses

All of these are iterations of The Process. They are all ways to build an audience, test your ideas, and build a business around your expertise.

Course Builder is a technical implementation of a full-stack course framework. It's a way to build a course that represents the experience we've had building courses for the last 10 years at egghead and Badass Courses.

Course Builder is a framework for building courses. It's not a course platform. It's not a course marketplace. It's all of the pieces that you need to launch your own course platform and marketplace.

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